The best fitness games for Nintendo Switch

For many people, gaming and fitness are about as opposite as two hobbies. However, the days of gamers just lying on the couch and barely moving to play are long gone. Since the success of the Wii, physical movement has become more and more integrated into the way we play games. Many developers have decided to take advantage of this by designing games specifically to get people moving while providing fun gaming experiences at the same time. Since we can all use a little more movement in our lives, the rise of fitness-focused games has reached a point where they’re not only a good workout, but also fun.

The Nintendo Switch has all the best features of the Wii, but in a more portable form, with more powerful hardware and even better fitness games that take advantage of the console in new ways. Since Nintendo has always been an advocate of health as much as fun, it only makes sense that the platform is home to some of the best games to help you improve your fitness, no matter what your starting level. With so many new options available, there’s a ton of variety to choose from when it comes to the type of experience you want to help get your blood flowing while playing. Here are all the best fitness games for Nintendo Switch.

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