The best Morbius gaming memes

Morbius quickly became one of the most talked about movies in recent memory. However, the film – which is Sony’s latest Spider Man universe and not the ongoing Marvel Cinematic Universe – hasn’t necessarily received positive attention. Instead, the vampire movie is considered by many to be too serious for its somewhat absurd story, and has become the source of online memes based on various video games and other Marvel properties.

Released April 1, 2022, Morbius stars Jared Leto as the title character, who is forced to become a “living vampire” in order to cure himself and his brother of a rare blood disease. The presence of Leto, who had previously become a subject of attention for his bizarre acting method used in his performances as DC Comics’ Joker, only added to the movie’s memetic potential. Some of the best movie related memes connect Morbius to video games in different ways.


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Morbius streaming on Twitch

After Morbius left theaters, fans played the film virtually non-stop via the Twitch streaming service. A Twitch channel, aptly named Morbius247, started streaming the film around the clock and went viral after just 12 hours. The bizarre channel and its Morbius-the content alone caught the eye on Twitter and drew thousands of concurrent viewers, many of them posing as diehards Morbius fans eager to watch the film repeatedly. Because Twitch is commonly used to stream video games, many observers have started jokingly referring to Morbius like a video game rather than a movie.

The original Morbius247 channel was shut down by Twitch, citing copyright violations. However, other copy chains have started hosting Morbius streams. Some streams of other vampire-related media, such as the Castlevania series, the vampire survival title V rising, and even the Dusk the movies were called Morbius flow instead.

It’s Morbin’s time

The main character of Leto never says the phrase “It’s Morbin’s time” in the film, but online fans were quick to turn the made-up phrase into a Dr. Morbius catchphrase, perhaps because of the inherent silliness in the word “Morbius”. The phrase comes from “it’s morphin’ time”, commonly used in various TV shows and games based on the Power Rangers.

The actor himself eventually acknowledged the meme from Morbin’s time, posting a short video to Twitter of himself saying the phrase and insisting it would appear in an upcoming sequel. However, it seems Leto’s announcement was merely a joke referencing the movie’s unexpected memetic popularity, and not for a second. Morbius movie is currently announced.

Castlevania as Morbius Prequel

Due to the vampiric nature of Michael Morbius’ character, some video game fans have joked that he is descended from the iconic literary vampire Dracula – specifically, the version appearing in Capcom’s video game series. Castlevania. The Castlevania games, as well as their Netflix animated series, have been facetiously called prequels to Morbus. Photoshopped images were produced showing Castlevania’s Dracula shouting phrases like “It’s Morbin’s time”, used as proof that Morbius is a descendant of Dracula.

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Morbius joins Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Although the list of fighting games Super Smash Bros Ultimate is complete with Kingdom Hearts’ With Sora being the final DLC fighter in the game, fans jokingly insisted that Michael Morbius be added as a playable character. “Leaked Footage” Of The First Morbius Trailer Has Been Shared; although mostly edited stills. “Morbius for smashMemes are usually accompanied by fake announcement phrases such as “Morbius Morbs Out” or “Morbius Sucks the Competition Dry.” Morbius is sometimes depicted battling Simon or Richter Belmont, vampire hunters from the Castlevania series that appear as playable characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Connect Morbius to Among Us

Another meme stemming from the silly nature of the word “Morbius” has fans making fake etymological maps claiming it has a linguistic connection to it. Among us, the social deduction game that has grown in popularity amid the COVID-19 pandemic. This meme claims that “Morbius” shares the same morphological roots as “Amongus”, connecting to a previous meme in which the title of the game was rendered as a single word.

This meme spawned images of Jared Leto and his drawn character as Crewmates, the playable characters of Among us. Because Michael Morbius is a vampire, he is usually depicted as a villainous impostor killing other teammates. Additionally, Morbius has been jokingly connected to other words and phrases ending in -us, including various types of mushrooms, a memetic image of an overweight Bugs Bunny called “Big Chungus”, and actor Norman Reedus – who played main character Sam Porter The Bridges in the game Death Stranding.

A non-existent Morbius video game

Fans on Twitter have started sharing fake edited photos of a non-existent video game based on the Morbius film, often claiming to have found it in a garage sale or a thrift store. The Morbius The game is generally described as being released in the early 2000s for consoles such as the Nintendo DS or Wii. The meme continues with other fans pretending to remember the game, calling it a childhood favorite. It is sometimes considered an action-platformer, and compared favorably to the sonic the hedgehog series.

Memes related to Morbius eventually became so widespread that Sony took notice, announcing Morbius would return to select theaters in the United States for a limited time, beginning Friday, June 3. Although neither Leto nor Sony has announced whether the memes will lead to a second Morbius film, a spin-off video game, or the character appearing in other games such as future Spider Man titles, it is possible given Morbius remains one of the most talked about media on the internet today.

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