The best Nintendo Switch cases


Nintendo is life, and if like us you grew up with the brand – RIP to our beloved Nintendo DS – you’ve probably already got your hands on a Nintendo Switch. Although we’ve improved our skills since the early days of Super Mario Bros, and we’re actually old enough to drive a car (Mario Kart, you better watch out), we’ve probably also grown up when it comes to to look after our business. Raise your hand if your baby pink DS was covered in scratches and you never found the pen for PictoChat with your friends? Yes, the struggle was real.

Now it’s about taking care of our stuff, which is why we’ve served up some of the classiest and most extravagant cases we could find. Here are the 16 best Nintendo Switch cases.

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Carrying case for Nintendo Switch



Nature lovers, this set is made for you. Covered in cute little ferns and with a cute little strap to hang on to, this product could double up as a clutch as well.


TiMOVO Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch



We love this celestial design. It’s super relaxing to watch but also very original. It will also be a good fit for your switch.


Fox Case for Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite



Get your Animal Crossing on with this baby. We are sure this little guy will help you get a home loan.


Carrying case for Nintendo Switch

Konda Tech


This color gradient gets a yes from us. That’s all.


Daydayup Switch Case Compatible with Nintendo Switch

day of the day


Sometimes you just want something plain and simple, and this case, which has plenty of room for your games and accessories, is perfect.


Official Minions case for Nintendo Switch

Just Geeky


We *love* it Minions Case. Fun and vibrant, owning it will make you so uncool you really are cool.


Younik Hard Carrying Case



And the prize for the cutest and most practical case goes to… Younik’s Hard Carrying Case. Complete with space for your beloved switch and lots of games, you can keep everything in one place. You’ll never lose anything again – that’s the dream. If only 10 years old you could see yourself now.


Gear Geek Protective Case for Nintendo Switch

Gear Geek


Keep it fishing with this charming little switch case. Brb, I just ordered one now.


JYPS Mermaid Carrying Case Kit



This one’s for all Lizzie McGuires. Not only do you get a soft outer case for your Switch, but you also get a hard case that covers the actual game. So if you drop it, it won’t cause as much damage. It also has a super cute mermaid design, which is just a bonus if you ask us.



Uh, is it us, or does that switch holster look like Super Mario’s overalls? For all the OG Mario Bros out there – this one’s just for you. We wonder if you can get those from Princess Peach or Luigi?


JYPS Unicorn Carrying Case Kit


22,39 €

OK, that was probably every kid’s dream case back then. No one is judging when you buy it as an adult, please. It serves up some *serious* nostalgia.


Hello Kitty case for Nintendo Switch Lite



Another ultra nostalgic design, Hello Kitty is one of the most iconic characters of all time. We will also add it to the cart.


Nintendo Switch OLED Case – Lime Fruit Switch Case – Wrist Strap Included – Switch OLED Accessories

B-lime, we are magnet this switch case. The pastel shades make it a perfect spring/summer accessory, and we love it.


HORI Slim Tough Pouch Protective Case



If you are looking for simple and very chic, this tail switch case is for you. It’s also been officially licensed by Nintendo, so you know it’s going to be good quality.


Nintendo Switch Lite Carrying Case



And now for the white version. It’s for the elite few who manage to not spill anything on it.

Tip: Avoid playing your switch while eating spaghetti bolognese.


Protective cover for Nintendo Switch



If you like the look of your Nintendo Switch as it is, but don’t want to risk breaking it, this clear case should be right up your alley. Letting you still see your switch as is, the transparent case simply protects it from scuffs and scratches.

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