The best Nintendo Switch games on sale June 2022

Metro 2033: Redux is actually a bundle that combines the remastered version of the inaugural title in the Subway franchise, Metro 2033with the second entry, Subway last light. The discounted collection also includes all post-release DLC and other content for both games.

Based on the novels written by Dmitry Glukhovsky, this dark single-player FPS lets players explore irradiated ruins and dark tunnels with gear that could hardly be called reliable. The enemies you encounter can range from post-apocalyptic to paranormal, and while games like To fall could take a decidedly ironic approach to the end of the world, the world of Subway is brutal, horrifying and ruthless.

The Metro franchise’s gameplay leads you down a narrative path, but will often present you with quests and optional choices that can impact the player down the line. Although it is not an open world, you will occasionally revisit familiar locations giving you the opportunity to swap and upgrade your gear. However, in an interesting wrinkle, the bullets also serve as the player’s currency, forcing you to make tough decisions about how you want to approach certain enemies.

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