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Want to play the role of a Taiwanese Robin Hood? The Legend of Tianding, arriving in November, could be on your street.

In fact, it is not quite fair. Liao Tanding actually existed, unlike Robin Hood who was almost certainly a myth. Having said that, if its reputation is deserved it is due to speculation; he went from a petty criminal to a great popular hero. And now you can step into his shoes and do justice.

The legend of Tianding was revealed some time ago, but it now has a concrete release date of November 1. He’s a side-scrolling brawler that, having you play as Liao Tanding, sees you rebelling against Japan. Why Japan? Because The legend of Tianding takes place at the turn of the 18th century, when Taiwan ceded to Japan, placing the island under Japanese rule.


You’ll do a lot of twists and turns, with a lot of slashes. Partly because of the animation style, The legend of Tianding reminds us of the original Prince of Persia, although we hope death is a bit less common than in Jordan Mechner’s game.

You can check out the trailer above and get your hands on The legend of Tianding when it launches on Switch and PC (via Steam) on November 1.

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