The Nintendo eShop Super Sale is underway

A huge sale has been announced for the Nintendo eShop for customers in Europe. The sale includes discounts of up to 67% and includes sales on popular titles like Among us.

The current sale (for customers in Europe) reduces the prices of games like The Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening, Super Mario Maker 2, Xenoblade Chroniclesand more.

Summer is usually a busy time for the games industry, whether it’s the upcoming Steam Summer Sale or the Summer Games Festival where fans hope to see new announcements; it’s only reasonable that Nintendo would want a piece of the action all to itself.

Not to mention that Nintendo themselves are unfortunately notorious for not having frequent sales, and when they do, their first-party titles are barely discounted.

It’s a good chance to get opening act titles from recent years like Luigi’s mansion 3, Super Mario Maker 2and New Pokemon Snap which are all 33% off (which is pretty good for the Nintendo eShop!)

Third party offers are even better and it’s a perfect opportunity to pick up Monster Hunter: Rise in anticipation of the Sunburn expansion coming out this month; or maybe Ring of Elden was your first FromSoftware game and you want to see what it’s all about? Take Dark Souls: Remastered Ready to go!

Compared to bigger retailers like Steam, Nintendo eShop sales can seem lackluster. But never forget that for first-party titles, Nintendo sales are rare. So if you are in Europe enjoy it while you can!

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