The Nintendo Switch OLED model is a much bigger deal than you might think


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When the Nintendo Switch OLED model was announced, the reactions were very mixed. People were upset because this was only a slight upgrade from the Nintendo Switch V2 and it wasn’t the legendary “Switch Pro” they were hoping for.

Yet with all of these complaints, the first wave of OLED Switch model pre-orders sold out in just a few minutes and have continued to do so with every wave since. It might not be the most exciting product announcement ever, but if you currently own the original Nintendo Switch, it will be an incredible upgrade.

It’s time to upgrade

Nintendo Switch Oled model returnsSource: Nintendo

Full disclosure, I already have an original Switch and a Switch V2 in my house. However, the Switch V2 is mine while the OG is my partner’s. When we play for long hours, its battery drains much faster than mine, which is frustrating as we like to play multiplayer games together. You see, the original Nintendo Switch model released in 2017 with a battery that lasts around 2.5-6.5 hours. Nintendo improved this in August 2019 by quietly releasing an upgrade with improved battery life from 4.5 to 9 hours.

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The V2 looks identical to the original, other than the model number, but has not been given a new official name. To help differentiate them, the Nintendo community has dubbed this improved battery version the Nintendo Switch V2.

Even if the OLED screen does not offer a higher resolution, it will improve the brilliance and crispness of the game visuals.

To make up for the differences in battery life between our Switch consoles, we traveled with batteries, but we personally found these tedious to use on a regular basis. We sometimes play with our Switch plugged into an outlet, but it can be very restrictive and uncomfortable after a while. We’ve been considering upgrading its Switch for a while now, but we never have. When I saw this new Switch OLED model in pre-order, I jumped on it as soon as I could.

There are a handful of semi-small upgrades over previous models, with the most obvious difference being the new white docking station and new controllers. Battery life appears to be the same as the V2, but there’s also double the internal storage at 64GB (not always a ton, but better than before), an adjustable stand that runs along the back. rather than a flimsy kickstand, a 7-inch OLED display, a built-in LAN port and “enhanced audio” – whatever that means.

Lan port model Nintendo Switch OledSource: Nintendo (screenshot)

I’m not a huge fan of the white casing, but I plan on swapping out the Joy-Cons for my favorite greens anyway. Of course, I look forward to the titular OLED display. While it doesn’t provide higher resolution, it will improve the vividness and crispness of in-game visuals.

However, the screen and battery alone weren’t enough of a reason for me to get this upgrade. No, what sealed me up was also having the LAN port. It seems silly to be excited about something so simple considering that Ethernet ports are common on most other consoles. However, they have so far been absent from Nintendo consoles, so this is a historic gaming system.

It will be the first Nintendo console to have a LAN port, making it a historic system.

I don’t know about you, but my home Wi-Fi internet connection is not the most reliable. There have been many times playing Pokémon Unite or Super Smash Bros. Ultimate where my connection drops and ruins the experience of everyone on my team. It got to the point where I stopped playing online unless it was with really good friends. Adding LAN adapters only clutters my media center so I hate using one, so having a built-in LAN port on this OLED model is very appealing. This will allow me to have a much more reliable internet connection while playing in TV mode so that I can confidently return to my favorite online games.

There is also one potentially important thing. Nintendo recently released update 13.0.0 for Switch, which included an update for the OLED model docking station. Until that happened, we didn’t know the dock could even receive updates. Previous iterations couldn’t, so why does this matter? Some people speculate that if the OLED model has an HDMI 2.0 instead of the previously used HDMI 1.4, it could possibly receive an upgrade to output in 4K. I’m dying to tear it up to see for myself if that’s the case. You know people are going to start rigging the console if that turns out to be true as well.

I can’t wait for October

Once the Switch OLED model arrives, I will transfer my account to it, give my partner my Switch V2, and then we will sell the original. I can’t wait to see this updated docking station with the built-in LAN port, as it will make our TV mode online sessions much more powerful than the Wi-Fi iterations that came before it.

Improvements all around

Nintendo Switch Oled Model Product Art

Nintendo Switch OLED model

Upgrade the switch

With its smaller bevel, brighter screen, extended internal storage space, and larger kickstand, the Switch OLED model is a great upgrade. This is especially true when you consider that this will be the first iteration of Switch to feature a docking station with a built-in LAN port.

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