These two new Xenoblade Chronicles 3 locations raise a lot of questions

We’re really feeling the onslaught of new stuff in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 right now, and today Nintendo of Europe threw down some more nuggets of information about the game at us. After taking a look at Millick Meadows and Eagus Wilderness in an update last week, we’ve now taken a closer look at two abundant natural areas that have many more relics of the past.

Recent screenshots and character details have been quick to show hints of past locations, or even use their names, in Xenoblade Chronicles and Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and today’s selection does not is no different. If you’re a series fan, you’ll be sure to blow your mind finding out exactly what’s in each location and how it all ended there.

Great falls of Cotte

Xenoblade Chronicles 3’s Great Cotte Falls is a great place to swim and features a giant waterfall just waiting to be jumped. Cannonball!

We’ve certainly dived into a waterfall or two in our Xenoblade days, but the Great Cotte Falls are the centerpiece of this beautiful place. Makna Falls from the first game was also a big part of this jungle, and we can see bits of what looks like Bionis’ shoulder. But look, there’s also a nice rainbow (or a Reyn arch? We’ll see each other again.) to distract us from those buildings!

Where could the buildings come from? Well, fans have speculated that these are remnants of an endgame area from Xenoblade Chronicles 2, which makes the most sense. How this lush, verdant area formed around it, we have no idea at this time. Nintendo, you ask us too many questions.

Maktha Wildwood

This massive forest filled with flora is Xenoblade Chronicles 3is Maktha Wildwood. The fruits that grow here are said to be sublime, so be sure to pick some to sample on your travels.

Well, There are a coat rack there. We’ve already mentioned Makna Forest for the previous new location, but this one looks even more like the aforementioned dinosaur-laden area from Xenoblade Chronicles. Plus, the first three letters are there in the name! The last three, well, we’re back in this area of ​​Xenoblade Chronicles 2. And there are more buildings — you can’t hide them from us.

If we had to guess, we would say that Great Cotte Falls and Maktha Wildwood are side by side, if not interdependent. There are too many similarities between the two, although there are many more shady areas in the Wildwood.

Phew, we should make this a regular feature until the launch of Xenoblade Chronicles 3. A spin around Keves and Agnus? Why not! Although we’re going to run out of adjectives to describe these places if Nintendo continues like this. Every place looks beautiful.

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Let us know what you think of these two new areas, and as always, watch out for spoilers!

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