Threatened by Sony, dbrand withdraws its black cases from sale


It’s a good customization idea for gamers who have seen the big PS5 look a little sexy in white. However, dbrand has announced that it is withdrawing its products from sales due to legal threats from Sony.

PS5 // Source: black side tiles designed by the brand for dbrand

They promised to do things legally. However, dbrand had to surrender. Or rather Hulls. Brand that marketed black plates for PlayStation 5 in the spring, it announced that it was withdrawing them from sales due to threats of legal action from Sony.

However, it was a better idea to allow gamers to keep the all-black version of their PS5, rather than having large white plates on either side of a large instrument. At the start of the launch of the new console, the dbrand brand was able to seduce new owners with the possibility of purchasing these black plates, compatible with black side plates.

“Go ahead and follow us! “”

Confirming his truth, dbrand posted a message on his site to Sony: “Go ahead and follow us.” As for the accessories brand, there is little to say that we will claim our ownership by offering the PS5 customization. Unfortunately, in Japan, this was not heard publicly, and Sony lawyers quickly got into the case.

And the authorization apparently fell. You can no longer buy black plates on the site. dbrand still talks about their one-piece combinations, but if you want to know more, the Sales page no longer exists.

Sony attorneys sent letter to dbrand for PS5 discs

Letter from Sony lawyers sent to dbrand for PS5 plates // Source: dbrand

Site administrators said On the edge They received a letter from Sony attorneys asking them to make a final stop and remove the accused product from the lawsuit. In it, Tokyo accused dbrand of using intellectual property without consent, adding that Sony was “recreating the design of copyrighted products” on the interface and adding a hijacked version of the PlayStation icons engraved on the plates.

dbrand works “for now”

But it doesn’t just stop at the Dark Plate. Sony calls for an end to the marketing and sales of similar products, including all PS5 interfaces or united skins. dbrand said On the edge He wants to comply. ” for the moment ” The request was reportedly sent by email several months ago.

On Reddit, dbrand goes further in its descriptions and, paradoxically, describes cases that could be brought by the manufacturer, damaging $ 150,000 for counterfeit work (approximately 100,000 130,000). The reseller points out that Sony is not specifically opposed to patent infringement, but Company reputation and massive media coverage This justifies the rights to the shape of the side tiles.

Dbrand also points out that Sony accuses him of recreating the iconic PlayStation icons found on the interface when they were small cards – of course we have to admit that Sony was inspired by triangles, circles, crosses and squares – the shape of their buttons not override ”. “To recall one of the elements of the squid game series in the photo …

On the right, the symbols of the Dark Plate brand;  Bottom left, squid playing cards

On the right, the symbols of the Dark Plate brand; Bottom left, squid playing cards

At the end of the seven-page letter, Sony’s lawyers want to “make a move” against dbrand:

Despite serious concerns [Sony] Regarding the dbrand behavior (…)[Sony] I would like to give dbrand credit for resolving this matter without initiating formal legal proceedings.

In other words, just removing the plates to stop the process. And dbrand logically concludes his Reddit post with a reminder: the brand will not take any sales from Sony, it will have to sell PS5s to sell its black plates.

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