Unreal Engine 5 Breaking Bad Game has to happen

Say his name… Heisenberg is back. Although nine years have passed since the release of Vince Gilligan breaking Bad left us with a simmering mess in “Felina,” the franchise is far from dead. Walter White May Have Mixed This Deadly Reel, But With A Spinoff Series You better call Saul currently airing its final season, we’re putting our pork pie hats back on for one more rodeo.

It is unclear if the Badverse will continue beyond You better call Saulbut one way to see the gang again would be a breaking Bad video game. This may seem like an unusual idea, but given the popularity Grand Theft Auto is that it is easy to imagine a GTA-inspired breaking Bad game where you try to run your own meth empire. Well, imagine no more.

What is Unreal Engine 5 Breaking Bad Game?

As Epic Games pulls out all the stops in Unreal Engine 5, it’s the creative community’s turn to show what we’re missing. Using The matrix awakens demo as a starting point, we’ve seen developers create their own dream Superman game using te “City Sample” asset pack. The industry is heading towards the unreal, and if this prototype breaking Bad the game is something to pass, it must become a reality… now.

TeaserPlay’s trailer opens with Walt’s iconic “say my name” showdown in Season 5, before diving into the gameplay. Leaning into the GTA comparisons, we drive around Albuquerque in the infamous RV that Walt and Jesse turned into a mobile meth lab. There are various quotes from the show, intercut with shots of us (presumably) leading as Walt. The concept seems to allow you to switch between playing as Jesse and Walt in the same way as GTA V having Franklin, Michael, and Trevor as playable protagonists.

We’ll admit it’s not perfect, as Dean Norris’ Hank Shrader’s Unreal Engine 5 version looks a little goofy. Also, Aaron Paul Jesse Pinkman’s eyes seem a little big for his head. At least the trailer nails the Walter White look, complete with a near-perfect next-gen version of Bryan Cranston.

Has there ever been a Breaking Bad Game?

An unreal engine 5 breaking Bad the game was a storm as fans couldn’t get enough. A champion clapped: “A game based on that would be a mix between a Harry Potter game (imagine mixing chemicals to make meth!) and Max Payne in his 50s! I imagine EA Games and Rockstar should start a joint project after seeing this!” Another added: “Ngl, an open-world AAA game set in the Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul universe would be f*****g bonkers amazing.”

While you can barely move for AMC-based video games The Walking Dead, breaking Bad was largely confined to the laboratory. In 2019, FTX Games released Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements like a mobile strategy game that lets you build your own criminal empire. It wasn’t exactly a hit, meaning it closed just over a year later. With You better call Saul is coming to an end and it looks like Cranston and Paul are stopping for a cameo, there couldn’t be a better time for a real one breaking Bad Game.

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