Use your Instagram skills to good effect in Pokémon Snap, now on sale for $ 40 ($ 20 off)


One of the most memorable Nintendo 64 games was Pokémon Snap, a spin-off of the Pokémon franchise where you take photos of wild Pokémon in shooter-style gameplay. A sequel / re-imagine was released earlier this year for the Nintendo Switch for the usual $ 60 price tag, but it has gone on sale a few times and is now available for $ 39.99 in multiple stores.

The new game follows the same basic idea as the original Pokemon Break. You’re a Pokémon photographer tasked with helping with research, which requires you to take photos of Pokémon in the Lental region. Each research expedition takes place in a rail hovercraft, and your score depends on the quality of your photos. This can involve luring Pokémon out of hiding places, capturing rare reactions, and other techniques.

    New Pokémon Snap
    This is a fun Pokemon themed adventure where your job is to take beautiful photos. It’s $ 39.99 at several stores right now, a savings of $ 20 from the regular price.

The new Pokémon Snap (yes, that’s the official title of the game) was developed by Bandai Namco Studios, and it has generally received good reviews – it sits at 79/100 on Metacritic. If you’re looking for a fun Pokémon-themed adventure that doesn’t require battles or super potion juggling, you can’t go wrong with this game.

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