VIVERSE and Bandai Namco Pictures are collaborating to bring the

TAIPEI, Taiwan, June 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — VIVERSE, HTC’s open metaverse, today announced that ‘BIRDIE WING -Golf Girls’ Story-‘, original content created in collaboration with Bandai Namco Pictures (BNP) , is now available to view exclusively on VIVERSE, which offers free access to original artwork from the “BIRDIE WING Metaverse Museum” for anime lovers around the world. Additionally, the Nintendo Switch game and VR experiences based on the series will also be released by HTC VIVERSE soon.

“‘BIRDIE WING’ is the first anime series VIVERSE has invested in. It is the first product of our strategic alliance with Bandai Namco Pictures,” said Joseph Lin, President of VIVERSE. “We are thrilled to bring this much-loved anime into our metaverse. By showcasing the artwork for “BIRDIE WING,” more people will experience the dedication of the production team and the diversity of content available to VIVERSE residents. This is an important step for our content ecosystem in the age of the metaverse.”

VIVERSE and Bandai Namco Pictures work closely together; the original anime “BIRDIE WING” was well received

VIVERSE and Bandai Namco Pictures have taken another step in their strategic alliance to showcase the unique value of original IP content in the age of the metaverse. “BIRDIE WING” is the world’s first women’s golf-themed anime. One day, Eve, who makes her living by playing underground golf, meets Aoi Amawashi, a girl from a wealthy family with exquisite golfing skills. These two talented girls from different backgrounds are intrigued by each other after they meet, and together the two young golf geniuses are shaking up the world of women’s golf.

Compared to other popular sports, producing a golf anime is more complicated. In addition to the rugged landscapes and difficult production of golf swing motions, the slow pace of golf makes it difficult for audiences to relate to the anime while watching. However, “BIRDIE WING’s” delicate painting style, exhilarating golf game lines, and empathetic friendship between the two protagonists overcame golf’s animation difficulties. The original anime “BIRDIE WING” has been well received in the APAC region.

“BIRDIE WING -Golf Girls’ Story-” entered the metaverse; more content will be released soon

Starting today, “BIRDIE WING” original artwork, such as character and prop setting images, art board, course design, and main story cut , are now exhibited exclusively at VIVERSE. Until December 31, “BIRDIE WING” fans and fans of anime or women’s golf are invited to visit* the “BIRDIE WING Metaverse Museum” free of charge and explore the world of these talented young golfers. Go to the official website of the “BIRDIE WING Metaverse Museum”:

In addition, the Nintendo Switch game “BIRDIE WING” and VR experience will be launched by HTC VIVERSE in the second half of 2022. These will surely increase the popularity of women’s golf!

*We recommend using a PC/Mac or mobile device (Android: at least 6GB RAM/ iOS: iPhone 13 and later) to access “BIRDIE WING Metaverse Museum” for the best experience.


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About BIRDIE WING -Golf Girl Story-

“BIRDIE WING”, the world’s first women’s golf-themed anime series, was broadcast in Japan and distributed worldwide. Eve and Aoi Amawashi, these two talented girls from different backgrounds, are intrigued by each other after they meet. Together, the two young golf geniuses are shaking up the world of women’s golf. People of all ages can enjoy the animated series’ rich storyline and unique characters, regardless of their knowledge of golf.

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