“We are always on the lookout for technology”



After numerous reports that a Switch Pro was due to be announced soon, Doug Bowser, the president of Nintendo Of America, discussed the company’s attitude towards the technology.

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In an interview with The Washington Post, Bowser explained how Nintendo is still very proud of the Switch. “As we enter our fifth year, Nintendo Switch is really redefining what the lifecycle of a console can look like and the dynamism of that overall lifecycle with a high cadence of content,” said Bowser.

Responding to reports of an upcoming Switch Pro, Bowser tried to avoid confusion by recalling that while Nintendo is still “looking at technology and how technology can improve gaming experiences,” no hardware version would “be there.” technology for technology. ”.

Rumors spread ahead of E3 speculating that Nintendo would announce the Switch Pro console during the event. Bloomberg reported several times on the Switch Pro, including giving information about the expected hardware of the machine.

In order to compete with more powerful next-gen consoles, read the report, the new Switch is expected to have a seven-inch OLED display and a more powerful Nvidia graphics chip, which will allow the console to output 4K resolution when docked. .

The updated Switch Pro would naturally eliminate the current Switch, ending its unusually long lifespan.

Bowser also responded to the lack of Animal crossing content at E3, when fans seemed bowled over by the omission.

In an interview with The edge, Bowser said, “We absolutely have plans to make sure the 33 million people who have islands out there have some fun new activities to engage with. Look for more to come.


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