What is the Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle release date?



Shadowverse RPG Card Battle: Champion’s Battle is a Nintendo Switch exclusive that anime fans should be delighted with. Published by XSEED Games, it will be released physically and digitally, but is a release date on the cards? Keep reading.

Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle release date

Cygames’s Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle will arrive on Switch consoles on August 10. If you order the game digitally or physically, you’ll earn a promo code that includes two alternate art cards, ten seer globes, and cosmetic items in the mobile and PC versions of the mainline Shadowverse.

Is there a Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle demo?

Image via XSEED games

You can download the Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle demo from Nintendo eShop. Go to the main game page and on the right side you will see a Download Demo button under Proceed to Preorder.

The demo itself consists of the first chapter of the card game, which introduces you to the mechanics of Shadowverse and the characters you’ll get to know on your journey to be the best. It should be a treat for fans of the anime as you will be exploring the locations of the series and talking to your favorite classmates. Once the demo is complete, you will be able to transfer your progress to the full version on August 1.

Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle coming to PS4, Xbox One, or PC?

Unfortunately, Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle will not be available on other platforms. This is only a Switch exclusive at the time of writing.


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