Where is Detective Pikachu on Nintendo Switch?

A new Detective Pikachu game for Nintendo Switch was announced in 2019, but in the years since there’s been virtually no word on its status.

the Pokemon The franchise has been hugely successful lately. from last november Pokemon Shiny Diamond and Shiny Pearl were massive financial successes for The Pokémon Company, and the January release of Pokemon Legends: Arceus brought much-needed innovation to the franchise. Pokemon fans will also have the chance to experience another main entry with the new open world titles Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Later this year.

With all the excitement, players would be forgiven for missing out on a major title that wasn’t included in recent Pokémon Presents events: Detective Pikachu for Nintendo Switch. Announced in 2019 during the Pokémon Business Strategy event, neither Nintendo nor The Pokémon Company have spoken about the game since, and Nintendo hasn’t listed the game in recent financial backers – so what happened to that? Game ?

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What is Detective Pikachu?

It used to be a movie starring Ryan Reynolds as the iconic electric mouse, Detective Pikachu was an adventure game spin-off released for Nintendo 3DS in Japan in 2016. The game centers on a young man named Tim Goodman and his talking companion Pikachu solving mysteries together. This spin-off focused more on narrative storytelling, with presentation elements comparable to those of the Pokemon lively.

In 2018, two years after the Japan-only release of Great Detective Pikachu: Birth of a new duo, an expanded version of the game was released worldwide with a physical edition and an oversized amiibo. The release tied well with the film’s release the following year. The game sold admirably for a title released at the end of the Nintendo 3DS’ lifespan, and the film earned $433.9 million at the worldwide box office, making it the second highest grossing film ever. profitable based on a video game at the time behind only 2016. Warcraft.

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What we know about Detective Pikachu on Nintendo Switch

A few weeks after the film’s release, The Pokémon Company announced a sequel to the 2018 one. Detective Pikachu game at the Pokémon Business Strategy event that will be released for Nintendo Switch. The game is said to be the “story conclusion” of the original, resolving its cliffhanger ending in a way that differs from what happened in the film.

Very little has been revealed about the gameplay itself. It’s likely the game will play the same as what was offered in its 3DS predecessor, but it’s unclear if the Nintendo Switch version would offer any additional benefits or take advantage of the hardware aside from its improved graphics. Moreover, it’s not even clear if this game is a full sequel or just an expanded port.

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Is Detective Pikachu coming soon to Nintendo Switch?

Pokemon Detective Pikachu Video Game Crime Scene

Since its announcement, there hasn’t been another word about the new Detective Pikachu, and many Pokémon Presents events have passed without further news. Just as the status of the movie’s announced sequel is unclear, the upcoming game hasn’t even received a passing mention from the companies involved. Also, with the Switch being in the middle of its lifecycle, it’s not out of the question that the game will eventually come to Nintendo’s next console.

The closest thing fans have gotten to an announcement is from a recruitment site for Creatures Inc., the developer of the first game. On the site, a programmer named KT said he was in charge of the programming of the sequel Detective Pikachu, confirming its continued development. The lack of a reveal during Pokémon Presents in February, however, seems to indicate that the game isn’t that far off in development, making it unlikely to release until at least next year.

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