Why Sora was probably so difficult to get into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Director Masahiro Sakurai hosted a show this week revealing the latest character joining the crossover fighting game lineup. Nintendo even made a point of announcing this separate and dedicated event during its Direct in September 2021. It is a miracle that the revelation of Kingdom Hearts‘Sora comes to Super Smash Bros. delighted as many fans as he did.

While speculation on who the finale Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighter could be set alight on the internet in anticipation of the event, Sora was a character many fans believed he could never join the game’s roster, which includes both Nintendo and third-party IPs, including Square. Enix. Final fantasy and Dragon Quest, as well as that of Microsoft Banjo-Kazooie and Minecraft. With Ultimate smash appearing as some sort of “game of dreams”, and Nintendo’s strong relationship with Square Enix, it is now strange to consider Sora to be seen as an “impossible” character.

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The Disney Dillemma

Most of the skepticism surrounding Sora’s inclusion in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate comes down to one major factor: Disney. While it is fair to assume that the Kingdom Hearts The series is owned by Square Enix primarily because of its developer and the abundance of original characters designed by Tetsuya Nomura, the franchise is a collaboration with the Walt Disney Company. While many have argued that Square Enix is ​​trying to keep the series away from Disney due to a few story decisions towards the end of Kingdom Hearts 3, the reality is that many fans only found out about it because of its use of characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy.

Even the inclusion of Cloud in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS suggested that Square Enix itself had some initial reservations about including its characters in Nintendo’s fighting game series. Although this has changed in Ultimate, this means that not only did Nintendo have to contact Square Enix regarding the inclusion of Sora in Super Smash Bros., he also had to get closer to The Walt Disney Company.

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Difficulties with adding Sora

Fans of the fourth Smash Bros. the title will recall that when Cloud was added as a DLC in 2015, he was the only character who did not receive an English voice language option, and his scene based on Final fantasy 7‘s Midgar consisted of only two pieces of music – both taken directly from the 1997 PlayStation game. This treatment of the character portrayed in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and was only corrected in December 2020, when Final fantasy 7the villain of Sephiroth has been added to Smash with a new stage and a whole host of music. Sephiroth also never received an English voice option.

Given that it was even difficult to work with Square Enix until recently, it’s understandable that Nintendo had difficulty negotiating with Disney, a company notoriously protective of its intellectual property.. In early 2020, Kinda Funny Gamescast co-host Imran Khan said Nintendo approached Disney Japan in hopes of negotiating Sora’s inclusion in the game. Smash, and that Disney would not allow Nintendo to use the character.

However, this crossover makes sense given Disney’s increased efforts to make a name for itself in the video game industry through licensing its intellectual property such as wonder and Star wars. It is no coincidence that this rise in relevance comes after Kingdom Hearts 3 became one of the best-selling games of 2019, evolving the Disney representation of the series into franchises created by subsidiaries such as Pixar and Marvel, including Toy story, Monsters Inc., and Great hero 6. It’s unclear exactly how Nintendo did it, but after years of waiting, the company was finally able to convince Disney and Square Enix to bring Sora to Super Smash Bros. Utimate. When the character releases next week, fans should definitely be happy to see him.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available now on Nintendo Switch.

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