Winter project review (Switch eShop)


Project Winter is an interesting combination of survival and social deduction – think Among Us mixed in with The Long Dark – that’s brilliant at its best, but sadly overwhelmed by the compromises you’ll have to make to play it on Switch.

The talk may sound familiar: a team of five to eight people, a few of whom are “traitors”, are tasked with accomplishing or sabotaging tasks. Traitors have additional crates to open and hatches to quickly navigate the map; survivors must band together to stay alive and find someone to trust. Anything can kill you, traitors and survivors – stray wolves, moose, bears, traps, hunger, weather and the biting cold are all your enemies; if you get over all of that, you could still be hacked to death by another person.

Where Project Winter shines is its proximity cat. Just like in a real snowy and blizzard infested landscape, the sound is completely absorbed unless you are close to someone. This means you can hear someone brutally murdered, or you can call for help with no one to save you. It’s really immersive and fun, and … well, Switch and voice chat don’t have a big story, do they? Of course, you can use a headset with a built-in microphone, but if you don’t have the right headset, it’s a lonely and quiet place, as you listen to the jokes of people around you who are only able to type – and typing is slow and will get you killed.

Add to that the other hurdles of the ridiculously small text, the extremely busy UI, the steep learning curve, and the fact that the pairing is a bit uneven at best and awful at worst, and it’s quite harder to recommend this game on Switch than elsewhere. Even when we participated in matches, we often encountered the kind of racist, sexist troll behavior that should have been abandoned in the 2000s, which admittedly isn’t Project Winter’s fault, but it colored. our experience.

But those brilliant moments, like when we played three games in a row with a certain Malo, who was kind enough to show us the ropes and protect us so that we betray his trust and murder him in the end, were priceless.

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