Your Burger King Gold Pokemon Cards Won’t Make You Rich

Although many Pokémon fans collected them in the 90s, the Golden Burger King Pokémon cards aren’t worth as much as many expected.

The value of Pokemon trading card gameit is Burger King TCG gold cards have failed to grow, though many expect them to skyrocket over the years. In 1996, the Game Freak franchise was launched in Japan with Pokemon Red and Greenbefore releasing worldwide two years later with Gen 1 Pokemon Red and Blue Kanto RPG version. The Nintendo series instantly became a cultural phenomenon and sparked the creation of a wide range of merchandise, including a collaboration between the TCG and Burger King. Although many ’90s kids thought fast food chain Pokemon cards were worth a lot one day, gold collectibles aren’t as valuable as many had expected.


Following the resounding success of the animated series, The Pokémon Company decided to release Pokémon: The First Movie – Mewtwo Strikes Back in theaters in 1999. To promote the film’s launch, Nintendo teamed up with Burger King to release a line of toys. The most coveted collectibles from the promotional campaign were the 23-karat gold-plated Pokémon cards that were sealed inside the replica. Pokemon Poke Balls. The limited Mewtwo Strikes Back Pokemon movie promos included six gold cards of Charizard, Jigglypuff, Mewtwo, Pikachu, Poliwhirl, and Togepi.

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Promotion for the 1999 film went into a complete frenzy with Pokémon fans rushing to buy so much gold TCG cards they could get their hands on. Many collectors deliberately kept them sealed and put them away in storage, thinking the golden Pokémon cards would be worth thousands of dollars one day. While a lot of retro Pokémon TCG collectibles have exploded in value in 2022, Burger King promotions have failed to catch on as many had believed.

Real Pokemon Cards Are More Valuable Than Golden Cards

Since 2020, TCG the value of items skyrocketed, with some cards even selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars. The highest-grossing Pokemon cards tend to come from the 90s, like the iconic Base Set Charizard which sold for up to $420,000. So it’s understandable that many Pokemon fans think that Burger King’s golden Pokemon cards, released in the same year, are also worth a lot of money in 2022. Unfortunately, the Pokemon: The First Movie promotional cards have not experienced the same jump in value as others TCG products released around the same time.

According to sales data from auction sites like eBay, gold Pokémon cards sell for an average of $18, with some selling for as much as $30. If the collection is unsealed, it is worth even less at around ten dollars. Unlike many rare Pokémon TCG Limited collectors editions, the Golden Burger King collectibles were mass-produced. Worse still, everyone picked them up thinking they would be worth something someday and deliberately put them aside in a warehouse. As a result, golden Pokémon cards have an incredibly high population.

When the TCG launched in 1999, many children played with their cards and exchanged them on the playgrounds. Most have never even owned the rare 1st edition print, which was released before the unlimited set that many fans grew up with. Other TCG collectibles such as the infamous Pokémon Pikachu Illustrator card were only given out at promotional events. The same cannot be said for the Burger King promotion, which has been picked up by millions of fans around the world. The Pokemon trading card game Gold Burger King Cards will probably never make fans rich, as there are ultimately too many in great condition to create a market of low supply and high demand.

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