ZeniMax Asia and Tango Gameworks announce Hero Dice for iOS, Android

ZeniMax Asia announced hero dicethe first mobile game of The Evil Within series and Ghostwire: Tokyo Tango Gameworks developer. It will launch for iOS via App Store and Android via Google Play this spring in Japan.

Here is an overview of the game, via its shop pages:


The first smartphone game from Tango Gameworks, the studio headed by Shinji Mikami. It is hero dice, an all-new board-style fighting game playable in single-player or cooperative multiplayer with up to four people. Use cards and heroes with various abilities. Do you want to roll the dice or play a card? With resolve and wits, challenge the board game-style battle of luck (dice) and strategy (cards)!

Main characteristics

  • Simple rules and controls designed for everyone – Roll the dice to move your hero and fight at the top of the space where he stops. Passing an allied hero will activate a support link attack. The more allies you outrun, the greater the number of attacks. Eliminate all enemies on the board!
  • When the going gets tough, cards are the key to victory – When you find yourself in a difficult situation, use your cards. By playing cards with various effects, you can unleash consecutive attacks and recover from a near-death situation. Set your own card combos and turn the tides on the enemy.
  • Skills show what a hero is made of – You can use skills when a turn passes in battle. Skills vary from hero to hero. Use your skills to return from the brink of death in a single hit.
  • Upgrade your heroes and maps – Maps and heroes can be upgraded. Develop the heroes you acquire through summons and battles. And also develop your cards to gain an even greater advantage in battle.
  • Fight alongside your friends – Up to four players can play together at the same time. Multiplayer provides benefits that single player play does not, such as support maps. Even difficult enemies can be defeated with a little cooperation. Multiplayer also allows you to take on quests with a single player’s stamina.

Watch the trailer below. Visit the official site here.

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